Later this day would be the opening service of the 23rd International Convention. I am excited for another week of spiritual recharging! I couldn’t even sleep.

Surely, it’ll be a week and a place where we’ll be saturated with surer words of God that’ll be administered to us by the mighty men and women of God in the Church.
We really are blessed for this kind of gathering in the Church which will strengthen us and make us able to continue running the christian race, against all odds!

I wouldn’t be able to sleep there the first night though, because we had to go home and unfortunately, I had to do some errands. I surely would be back early the next morning so I wouldn’t miss much.

Anyway, this might also mean a week of abstinent from any form of internet engagement, or probably not totally. I had to check up on my egrades hehe. 

2 years ago on 10/21/12 at 05:36am
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